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Neapolitan origin, IABO (1980) born in the early nineties as a writer, is a representative of the historic neapolitangraffiti artist (KTM Ki Ta’ Muort and 13 Bastardi) and then he gradually get closer to the contemporary art. 


Since 1997 his artistic curiosity drives him to the United States (in New York and Los Angeles), where he got in touch with the underground scene and artists. IABO still maintains a strong tie with Naples, the city where he currently lives and works.


In 2003 he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples and he graduated in Visual arts in 2009 with honors.


In 2004 opened his first solo show “Wild at Heart” in Rome in the exhibition space “LOL fashion, art and design”. 


In 2004, he also furnishes the train station Gianturco (NA) for the projects “Circumwriting” curated by Evoluzioni, with the participation of Achille Bonito Oliva. He has participated in various group exhibitions: “Sistema Binario” Naples railway station, “Camera con Vista” at Pan museum and Belgrade, “Scala Mercalli – Il terremoto della street art Italiana” curated by Gianluca Marziani at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.


In 2005 he exhibited at the “XII Biennial of young artists of the Europe and the Mediterranean” curated by Gigiotto Del Vecchio (Naples Castel Sant’ Elmo), at the same time he exhibited in the permanent collection of “100 artists for a Museum” at Museum Cam, Casoria (NA).

In 2006, after a series of “illegal” raids in neapolitan galleries he has created a show/event: En1 (Esprit Nouveau) his

first personal exhibition in Naples at Notgallery; in the same year opened another solo show “Segni di vita” in the exhibition space Bad museum of the Bunker Art Division. He has participated in international exhibitions of contemporary art fair including Arte fiera (Bologna), MiArt (Milan), Artour-o (Shanghai) and in Florence where he won first prize of Mfl (Maria Fulvia Leopizzi), then he participates at “Arte contemporanea Moderna Roma” where he exhibited in room Under 35. 


In 2007, inaugurates a new solo show “Reazione in catena” at Notgallery. During a series of night operations he is caught in the act by Julia Draganovic (Pan Museum’s Director), from this meeting he partecipates at “Emergency room” a project by Thierry Geoffroy and the show at the Foundation Sdn in Naples as part of “Il sabato delle idee” curated by Julia Draganovic.


The year 2009 is marked by the exhibition curated by Notgallery at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome inside the exhibition “Roma – The Road to Contemporary Art” where he is acclaimed by many critics and press. It was the promoter of the performance/protest “Madre Snaturata” held at the outside of the Museum Madre.


2010 is a year of research and changes, a new journey in the United States is an opportunity for the pirate action/performance “Pizza a Portfolio” created in the spaces of the world most prestigious fairs of the contemporary art such as: Armory show, Volta and Pulse in New York City. He is finalist in the 2010 edition of Premio Celeste and his “Opera da Freezer” is exposed in the Brodbeck Foundation – Catania.


In 2011 he was invited to the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale curated by Vittorio Sgarbi at the Italian Pavilion in the section Campania Region held in the CAM Museum spaces with the opera “Rimorsi”, and simultaneously he opens two personal shows with the new cycle of works (oversize) “S/orridi” at the gallery Spazio San Giorgio in Bologna, and “Cartoni Animali” by Mara De Falco Nicola Pedana Arte Contemporanea in Caserta. The year 2011 ends with an installation of open air festival Luminaria 03 installation entitled “I like Naples” placed on the facade of Palazzo San Giacomo seat of the Municipality of Naples.


In 2012 after three months permanence in London, Iabo returned to Naples for a new solo exhibition a site-specific project of urban design in Brin69 spaces curated by Vulcanica architettura.


In 2013 Iabo decides to stops his artistic activity retreating from the scene, until the following year. In this period he explore the music enviroment, in particular way the rap music culture enviroment.


In 2015 IABO returns on the national art scene. Reactivating his social pages and its website, updated with a new graphic design, name (IABO WORLD), logo, and as well as a renewed vision for a creativity without boundaries. He immediately inaugurates a group exhibition at the New York Contempop gallery in the exhibition named “Homage”. He costituise with Roxy in The Box the CompariSoda duo, which intervening in the city, realizes stencil works of famous people matched to mark, and regiving theme a sense (Infamous and Brandisism cycle). After this he immediately inaugurates a new group exhibition in spaces of the Milan Pisacane Gallery, exposing a series of His classic “Leitmotiv”; He’s invited from the Jagermeister to the “Jager House” event, in Naples Science City, to realize a Oversize painting in a live painting, the work will be present in the collection “Jaegermeister collection of the world”. At the same time he was invited to “The silk road” exhibition, curated by Alessandro Riva and Ji Saofeng, in the spaces of Castel dell’Ovo in Naples. There is actually an ongoing exhibition at Jerago castle, near Milan, “Arte al Castello” by Andy Warhol to the new Pop Art, here Iabo works are exhibited close to theworld greatest exponent of the Pop Art.



Solo Show

2019: Core Identity / Art 3035 Gallery / Amsterdam / NL

2019: I want to be an artist / Rosso27 Arte contemporanea / Rome / Italy

2018: War Brands / Superstudio più / AAF / Milan / Italy

2013: Parking art / Brin 69 / Naples / Italy

2011: S/orridi / Spazio San Giorgio / Bologna / Italy 

2011: Cartoni animali / Nicola Pedana Arte contemporanea / Caserta / Italy

2011: Luminaria / Palazzo San Giacomo / Naples / Italy
2010: Pizza a Portfolio / Aromry Show / Pulse / Volta NY / New York / USA

2009: Il sabato delle idee / Fondazione Sdn / Naples / Italy
2009: Iabo / Roma the road to contemporary art / Palazzo delle Esposizioni / Rome / Italy 

2007: Reazione in Catena / Not Gallery / Naples / Italy
2006: Esprit Nouveau /Not Gallery/ Naples/ Italy

2006: Segni di Vita / Bad Museum / Naples / Italy
2004: Wild at Heart / Lol / Rome / Italy


Group Show

​2019: Urban Room - Street Artist italiani in mostra / Treccani Campania -Inward  / Naples / Italy

2019: Everything starts somewhere / Art 3035 Gallery / Amsterdam / NL

2019: Neapolitan Republic / Neapolitan Trips / Naples / Italy

2019: ST.AR.T - Street art, Comunità e Territorio / Fondazione FOQUS / QS / Naples / Italy

2016: Arte al Castello - da Andy Warhol alla nuova pop art / Castello di Jerago / Italy

2016: 7PLYPROJECT / Contemporary Art Center Thessaloniki CACT Museum / Greece

2016: The silk road / Castel dell'Ovo / Naples / Italy

2016: Saatchi Gallery - Start / Saatchi Gallery / London / UK 

2016: 5 Pointz Italy - Festival delle culture metropolitane  / Polignano a mare / Bari / Italy 

2016: Jäger House - Jägermeister / Città della Scienza / Naples / Italy 

2016: Galleria Pisacane / Milan / Italy 

2016: Contempop gallery / New York / USA

2015: Maam Museo dell'altro e dell'altrove / Roma / Italy

2012: 54. Biennale di Venezia / Museo Cam / Casoria / Italy
2010: San Severo Lab / PAN Palazzo delle arti Napoli / Naples / Italy
2010: Toy Tano / Purp Shop / Naples / Italy 

2009: 44+1 AutoRItratti / The Don Gallery / Milan / Italy
2009: Emergency room / PAN Palazzo delle arti Napoli / Naples / Italy

2008: Camera con vista /  Palazzo Italia / Belgrade / Serbia 

2008: December project / Not Gallery / Naples / Italy
2008: 12x12 visual art / PAN Palazzo delle arti Napoli / Naples / Italy

2008: Camera con Vista / PAN Palazzo delle arti Napoli / Naples / Italy

2008: Scala Mercalli il terremoto della street art Italiana / A. Parco della Musica Rome
2008: 41+1 Autoritratti  / Auditorium Parco della Musica / Rome Italy
2008: Sistema Binario / Stazione della metropolitana di Mergellina Napoli - Belgrado
2008: 12x12 Visual Art  / PAN Palazzo delle arti Napoli / Naples / Italy
2008: Open Space Under 35 Arte Contemporanea Moderna Roma / Rome / Italy
2007: Bazarone  prima rassegna di arte urbana / Lanificio 25 / Naples / Italy 

2007: A3 Visual street art / Not Gallery / Naples > Bologna / Italy
2006: Quarantotto Segnalibri / Casina Pompeiana / Naples / Italy
2006: Canzanomalia - Eterotopie / Palazzo Maraschi / Teramo / Italy

2006: Heroes / Not gallery / Naples / Italy
2005: XII Biennale dei giovani artisti / Castel Sant’Elmo Naples Italy

2005: 100 artist for a museum / Cam Museum / Naples / Italy

2005: Quarantotto segnalibri  / galleria d’ arte Sangiorgio / Naples / Italy
2004: Artenope - circumwriting / Castellammare di Stabia /  Italy

2004: Circumwriting / Naples / Italy

2003: Sogno Comune / galleria Lia Rumma - libreria Feltrinelli / Naples / Italy


2010: Premio Celeste (finalista) VII edizione / Fondazione Bordbeck / Catania Italy
2008: Premio Terna (Finalista 1° edizione) / Rome Italy

2008: 1° Premio “Mfl” / Artour-o / Firenze / Italy

2004: Diesel Wall (finalista) premio di arte temporanea / Milan / Italy

Art Fair

2018: Affordable Art Fair / Art 3035 gallery / Milan / Italy 

2017: Affordable Art Fair / Art 3035 gallery / Amsterdam / NL

2016: Start / Saatchi Gallery / London / UK 

2012: Baf Bergamo arte fiera / Bergamo / Italy

2010: Armory show / New York (USA)

2010: Tarì / Caserta / Italy

2010: Arte Fiera Art First Bologna / Bologna / Italy

2009: Roma the road to contemporary art / Rome / Italy
2008: Preview Berlin /  Berlin / Germany

2008: Arte Contemporanea Moderna Roma / Rome / Italy
2008: Artour-o / Florence /  Italy

2007: Artur-o / Shanghai / Cina

2007: MiArt / Milan / Italy

2007: Arte Fiera Art First Bologna / Bologna / Italy

2006: MiArt / Milan / Italy

2006: Arte Fiera Art First Bologna / Bologna / Italy


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