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Urban art


IABO. Elusive. If there is an adjective that describes Iabo, this is the most appropiate. He escapes, maybe, because his background as a writer, he transformed this into a virtue. Hates to be labeled ( don't even try it), you would have an enemy. You cannot catch him, like an energetic flow. to define him whit a "synthetic visual" artist equals to confine his most pure nature. He his a chameleon, metamorphic divulgator, totally devoted to the orizontal and democratic dialecitc. For Iabo, art is ecology, as recycling of creativ resources. Conscious of the impossibility of adding something original, he decides to explore instead of inventing. It is not more the time of r evolutions or of the art work of innovation, Iabo feeds its creative limph from the world, he transforms it and then inserts it into a new vital cycle. His visual vocabulary is highly recognizable, as its semantic elements -often complex- are channeled through semiotic that is widespread and recognizable. Art appropiates it self of its usefullness. Freed from being self  referentail, it makes itself know not in its demagogic meaning but in its equal. The relationship medium/message is perceived in more functional terms than the aesthetic and conceptual. A versatile alphabet, universal, influenced and that influences, that finds its life in the moment it closes the distances, creates relations and provokes reactions. A continuous process of deconstructing and reconstructing of which Iabo is interpreter of our time. This is his strength, and unconsciously his innovation.


(Mara De Falco)

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Naples, Italy


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